Harper’s New Website Layout.

Posted: February 7, 2014 in Uncategorized

So I visited Harper’s website this morning and it used to be the old one (mostly blue it was). I went back this afternoon and they totally changed the layout. (I have attached a print screen of it my screen resolution was 1080×1920 with zoom of 100%)

I figured because chapter 3 was about the feel and look of a website I thought we could also as a class look at how the new Harper website looks and feel by using the elements from http://terrymorris.net/bestpractices that we used for the group assignment.

harper website redesign 2

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If you comment below on how the look and feel useing the website that we used for out group projects feel free to do so. If you are using wordpress for your blog site for class you may run into an issue posting because it will want you to login you can do that or use a different email address. Please use you Harper email address (is recommended) in the email field and first name in the name field.